Support Groups

If you’re facing a new or chronic medical condition, we would like to help you navigate the many challenges that arise with the diagnosis of an illness. In addition to your health care provider, our support groups and Pastoral Services department, as well as the links on this page can connect you with national support organizations and financial assistance programs that are available in our community. Many of these groups below are led by community volunteers. Before attending your first meeting, please call the contact person at the number provided to confirm meeting date, time, and location.

• Cystic Fibrosis Support Group
• Support Group for Women with Cancer (consider the Iris Connection)
• Tobacco-Free Support Group
Adult Type 2 Diabetes Support Group-M 6:30P
Amputee Support Team-R 6:30P
ANAD of Lancaster
Autism Support Group Bienaventuranza-Spa.
Brain Injury Support Group - Wed 6pm
Brain Tumor Community Group-R 12:00P
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Thurs 7PM
Ehlers Danlos Support Group- SAT 3PM
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Awareness Group- Thurs
Iris Connection Support Group- Thurs 6:30PM
Journaling for Healing- Thurs 6:45PM
Leukemia, Lymphoma Support Group- Tues 6:30PM
Lupus Support Group-Sunday
Memory Loss Support Group- Mon 7PM
Multiple Sclerosis Support Group- Tues 7PM
Prostate Support Group
Red Rose La Leche League- Wed 9:30AM
SHARE Early Loss Support Group- Tues 6:30PM
SHARE Late Loss Support Group- Tues 6:30PM
SHARE Pregnancy After Loss Support Group- T 6:30P
Stroke Survivors Support Group- Thurs 7PM
Surgical Weight Loss Support Group- Thurs 6PM
Survivorship: Life After Cancer Treatment-W 4:30PM
Type 1 Diabetes Women's Community Group-W 7:00PM
WomenHeart Support Group - Wed 6:30PM